The Best Time of Year to Buy a New Build

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When you're eyeing up new build houses in South West London or considering the sleek new buildings in North West London, timing is everything. Let's dive into the best time of year to make your move into a brand-new home.

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Spring: A Time of Blossoming Opportunities

Spring is often hailed as the prime time for house hunting. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple. After the winter chill, the market starts to warm up. Sellers and developers are keen to showcase their properties in the best light – quite literally, thanks to the longer, sunnier days. This season offers a broader selection of new builds, giving you more options to find your dream home.

However, there's a catch. With more people out looking, competition can be fierce. You might find yourself in a bidding war or facing higher prices. But don't let that deter you. If you're prepared and know exactly what you want, spring could be your season to shine in the property market.

Summer: Hot Prospects and Cool Deals

As summer rolls in, the initial rush of the spring market cools down. Families are more focused on holidays than house hunting, which can work in your favour. Developers might be more inclined to negotiate, especially if they're looking to close their financial books positively at the end of the quarter.

This period can be a golden opportunity to snag a deal. The pace is slower, giving you more time to make decisions and potentially more leverage in negotiations. However, remember that while there might be fewer buyers, there could also be fewer new builds available. It's at this time of year that you can really appreciate the beauty of the area around new build houses in South West London. See the beauty that awaits you every year.

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Autumn: The Season of Hidden Gems

Autumn is often overlooked, but it's a hidden gem in the property-buying calendar. As the leaves fall, so can the prices of new builds. Developers are keen to sell off the remaining properties before the end of the year. This urgency can translate into discounts or incentives, making it a potentially lucrative time for buyers.

The market is quieter, and you might find that estate agents are more attentive. With fewer buyers around, you can take your time to explore different options without the pressure of a crowded market.

Winter: A Chill in the Air, A Warm Deal in Hand

Winter is the wildcard season. It's generally quieter, with fewer listings and buyers. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Those who do list in winter are often motivated to sell quickly. This urgency can lead to attractive deals, especially in new builds where developers are keen to meet year-end targets.

The downside? The choice might be limited, and viewing properties in the cold and dark isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if you're willing to brave the elements, winter could reward you with a cosy deal on a new build.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to the best time to buy a new build. Each season has its pros and cons. Spring offers variety, summer brings potential deals, autumn presents a quieter market with incentives, and winter could surprise you with unexpected opportunities.

Ultimately, the best time depends on your circumstances, preferences, and readiness to jump into the property market. So, whether you're drawn to the vibrant houses in south London or the modern allure of new buildings in North West London, choose the season that aligns best with your house-hunting strategy.

Sofa Instead of a Bed in the Bedroom

Sofa instead of a Bed in the Bedroom Photo by Lenin Estrada on Unsplash

Are you thinking of purchasing sofa cum bed instead of a simple bed for your bedroom? This is not a bad idea if you consider several factors and choose a sleeper sofa.

Unlike a sofa, a bed always provides a comfortable place to relax. It is worth giving preference to purchasing such furniture in the case of arranging a spacious bedroom. Here the bed will be the central element of the interior. The decorative and functional elements of its design include the headboard, footboard and linen drawer.

little sofa Photo by kim groothedde on Unsplash

Disadvantages of a bed in front of a sofa:

  • Dimensions and problems with ergonomics. Sometimes the bed takes up all the free space in the room.
  • Only wealthy buyers can afford models with orthopedic bases and mattresses.
  • Some beds are sold only in combination with expensive mattresses.
  • There are significant limitations in terms of design variability. Moving a bed is extremely difficult, so the bedroom interior remains unchanged for decades.

Is it possible to sleep on the sofa without back pain?

A sofa is usually bought for the living room. But in a one- or two-room apartment it can also serve as a bed. If you choose the right sofa, you can sleep on it in complete comfort.

An incorrectly selected sofa for daily sleep risks causing back pain. Why be disappointed in furniture if you just need to know what to choose.

How to choose a high-quality orthopedic sofa?

For sleeping, models are suitable that, when transformed, form a wide sleeping place without differences in height, cracks, and the same level of rigidity on both the seat and the back.

sofa with corner design

The optimal models according to the type of layout are accordion, dolphin and eurobook. These three methods of transforming a sofa shared first place in terms of convenience.

Before purchasing, be sure to look at the quality of all accessories. If you buy online, read reviews about a specific product, because they will give you an idea of whether it makes sense to buy the selected sofa and whether it is suitable for regular sleep.

Check out all the characteristics, pay attention to the type of filler.

The filler is a spring block + elastic layer. Ideally, the springs should be independent, or instead of them, as in a bed, a slatted base is used. This way the sleeping place is comfortable, maintaining a balance between elasticity and softness.

If your budget is limited, but you still want to get a decent option for daily sleep, choose a sofa model with a Bonnel spring block, but with a good layer of orthofoam. A good spring block will provide the appropriate level of stiffness. Elastic foam placed on top of the springs will make the sofa more comfortable, because the springs will not be felt, orthofoam adapts to the anatomical features of the body and thanks to this, healthy sleep is ensured.

Is it Worth Buying a Property in Al Furjan?

Image by Unsplash+

Dubai has always been considered a major commercial and financial centre with a developed infrastructure and a dynamic lifestyle. What he attracted and still attracts foreigners. A stable economic situation, low taxes, comfortable business conditions and a high standard of living attract people to buy real estate, or at least rent for permanent residence here. Every year there are more and more new projects in Al Furjan. Why is it worth buying real estate there?

Description of the area

Al Furjan is a fairly young residential area compared to other areas of Dubai. It is ideal for pensioners and family life with children. The houses are cottage-type and of fairly low construction. Also, this area is popular due to the close ties between neighbor, which helps to improve the standard and comfort of life. For the most part, you can buy villas and townhouses here. All the necessary grocery, educational institutions, as well as hospitals are located in the area.

high buildings in dubai Photo by Waqas Sultan on Unsplash

Which developers can be considered?

There are a lot of developers in Dubai. When choosing a developer, it is important to know the following.

The first is whether the company provides a full cycle of construction work. Such developers have architects, designers, builders, engineers on staff who are fully responsible for the result at each stage of the project implementation. And the probability that the project will not be delivered on time is minimal.

Part-time companies work with third-party organizations under a contract. And the failure of deadlines is possible at any stage. Actually, that's why there are unfinished objects in Dubai.

You can cooperate with such companies, but only if:

  1. The most complex and important works have been completed at the facility and it will not be difficult to find a contractor for the remaining ones (facade and finishing).
  2. The location where the house is being built is much more expensive than the cost for which housing is being sold.

The second is the history of the company, the quantity and quality of commissioned objects, the experience of interacting with customers before and after the commissioning of real estate.

Considering these 2 factors, you can choose a good developer and invest in real estate.

night dubai city Image by Unsplash+

What communities are there in the area

If you want to buy a villa, then rest assured, there is an excellent choice of housing in this category for living and investment. The most popular is the community Quortaj.

Another popular community is Phase 2. This community is chosen because there are affordable housing prices, and the quality is at a height. In addition, a healthy lifestyle thrives here due to the fact that the complex is equipped with walking paths and fitness clubs.

Another popular community is Dubai Style Villas. It is large in area and was built by a leading Dubai developer. More than 4,000 real estate objects are concentrated on the territory of this sub-community. There are also affordable prices for both buying and renting, and the quality of housing is excellent.

The choice of real estate in this area is diverse, so anyone can find a suitable option.

What to give as a present to an old man

present-to-an-old-man Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

It is amazing when people are living long lives. Their close relatives in this case can enjoy their company even after becoming independent and having their own families. One of the most pleasant things in the world is to give gifts, especially if it is about birthdays or other events like celebration of an anniversary. It is exciting to know that the chosen present is liked by its recipient.

But there is a question which gifts for a 90 year old man could be ideal. Old persons are usually more distinctive at things and a watch or even picture couldn't be the exact accessories they need. At this age individuals mostly prefer to stay at home, so it should be an item that could be useful for household purposes.

Possible variants

It is certainly not a set of tools but on the other hand who knows. Some individuals can generate power to live from the work they do… However, probably these will be the best gift ideas:

  • HiFi audio system;
  • a set of dishes;
  • good plaid made from wool;
  • kitchen appliances;
  • book.

Depending on the personality of the individual it also could be electronics, or things the recipient has a passion for. Anyway, a good present is one which suits the preferences of the recipient. Some people might be happy to get a rare coin for a collection instead of an expensive tour to exotic places. So each case is unique and in an attempt to make a special gift it is better to find out the dreams of the relative or the friend who should receive a gift. It is interesting to give things as presents to people but the true purpose of such an act is to fully meet the hidden desire of the people to possess something. The gift will be the best only if the recipient likes it.

Ukraine flower delivery: flowers and presents online

Flower delivery: flowers and presents online Photo ID 306007984 by ©AndrewLozovyi /

Many pleasant things happen with people each day. Sometimes to emphasise the importance of the specific case is possible only by a special gift. There are many original presents to make a unique moment even more unforgettable, but the most amazing and favourable among them are flowers.

Natural, affordable and always with stunning appearance, plants equally suitable for both man and woman at any important moment when the situation provides an opportunity to do something pleasant for close people. UFL flowers delivery service can help to get a bouquet of exciting Ukraine flowers to Kiev, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc. This network of professional botanic shops creates for the client chance to buy only fresh and rare sorts of flowers including roses of various types, alstroemeria, clematis.

Suitable situations to present flowers

Such plants are very good for the present in many situations. Because of their nature, they will be accepted willingly by any person from child to adult. There are some ideas when flowers to Odessa (Ukraine) service can be useful:

  • To express respect to person on birthday or on anniversary;
  • To show true feelings and love to the members of the family or friends;
  • To make a pleasant present for beloved;
  • To use as a decoration for special purposes;
  • To send a bouquet of flowers as a part of correct business etiquette to approve full satisfaction from the negotiation and so on.

Easy and fast

To order flowers from specialised service means save time and get plants at any moment. Regardless of the period of time, place or preferred sort of flowers UFL botanic shop always has an ideal solution for the client. There is no need anymore to traveling through the city to find a beautiful bouquet and pay for it a great amount of money. The table below will show the advantages of delivery service:

Order flowers from UFL Buy bouquet on the street
Delivery at any suitable time Yes No
Very big assortment available Yes No
Compositions made by professional designers are possible Yes No

Payment and quality

Only attractive conditions are available for the clients of UFL botanic shop. Competitive prices, a wide range of flowers, various materials for decorations, experienced florists and fresh flowers will make a planned present not only pleasant and amazing but affordable and available for any occasion. It is possible to order the bouquet and pay for it in the most suitable way in a few clicks without leaving the comfort of the home. To share a good mood and create a really good atmosphere easy.

A bunch of flowers will help to impress and make happy anyone who is so important. Plants have different colours and smell thus allow to create special compositions according to the specific situation. Each can be astonished by the beauty of the flowers and there is no reason to argue that the sense of real pleasure can be stimulated only by the masterpieces of nature. It is senseless to reject the opportunity to see how close people enjoying something. Flowers will give a chance to observe the wonderful emotions of dear people.

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